CYBERCHARGER™ Phone Holder with 15W Wireless Fast Charger

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The Ciro Cybercharger™ is the evolution of our top rated phone holder. We’ve gone back to the drawing board to completely redesign, improve, and integrate 15 watt wireless fast charging into the holder. Compatible with all the latest smartphones, in all sizes, the Cybercharger will hold your phone securely while never leaving you without a charge!

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  • Supports up to 15W wireless charging
  • IOS and Android support
  • Fast charge capable
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Strong reinforced black nylon components with soft touch high-grip fingers
  • Easy one-handed operations
  • Securely grips almost any phone including the case
  • Adjustable from 2-3/8” wide to 4” wide
  • Compatible with all Ciro ball mounts
  • Rotates 360 degrees allowing portrait or landscape display
  • Simple wire harness included, connects directly to any 12v battery with included in-line fuse
  • Locking handle can be used on either side of holder
  • Adjustable gripping force
  • Adjustable bottom foot to accommodate a variety of phone heights
  • Compatible with Qi-enabled cellphone devices
  • Patent Pending
  • For use with Ciro ball mounting system
  • Phone holder is designed to work with a wide variety of cases, be sure to confirm that your case is compatible with wireless charging technology to utilize the charging features of this holder
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1 review for CYBERCHARGER™ Phone Holder with 15W Wireless Fast Charger

  1. Dale Whitt (verified owner)

    An awesome idea! I placed it where I had my previous Ciro wired phone mount – using the existing perch mount on the handlebars. Plugged it into the new holder and voila! Total install time about 2 minutes. The instant I slid my phone into it, it began charging! And with the Ciro products I do NOT worry about the phone slipping or falling out. I’m very pleased.
    One word of caution: If you’re not a directions-reader (it is pretty simple after all) you might not get the bottom part of the mount correct for your phone. There is a screw on the back that allows the bottom plate to adjust for the size of each phone. I slid my phone in it before I installed it and saw that the side grips would be at the volume and control buttons on each side of my phone. I slide the bottom plate up to fit my phone, installed it, and lived happily ever after!

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