Biker Bar – Strapless Motorcycle Lock-Down System for Trailers – Non Touring


Secure your bike in your trailer quickly and easily with this clamping lock-down system. No straps or chocks needed. Just mount the clamping bar to your bike, drive over the trailer-mounted plate, and your motorcycle will automatically latch in place.


  • Motorcycle tie-down system secures your bike to your trailer. No straps or wheel chocks needed
  • Automatic-latching device is fast and secure
  • Bolt latching base plate to trailer floor
  • Mount clamping bar to bike
  • Drive bike onto trailer, over plate, and latch automatically engages to clamp around bar, holding bike in place
  • Neoprene-lined clamps on bar won’t scratch finish
  • Motorcycle becomes extension of trailer’s suspension for smoother ride
  • When bike’s secured, its suspension remains slightly compressed for rigid stability and minimal stress on suspension components
  • Mounting hardware for base plate included
  • Drilling required to bolt plate to trailer floor
  • Made in the USA
  • Mounting plate dimensions: 25″ long x 6-3/4″ wide
  • Distance between mounting holes center to center: 23-1/4″
  • 5-Year limited warranty

MC2302 – Fits Harley Davidson FX, FLST, and VR models – All Years

MC2303 – Fits Harley Davidson XL and XR Models – All Years

MC2304 – Fits Harley Davidson Bikes with 1.5″ Tubes

Please allow 2 weeks delivery on MC2304







  • Mounting plate dimensions: 25″ long x 6-3/4″ wide
  • Distance between mounting holes center to center: 23-1/4″
  • 5-Year limited warranty


Note: The Biker Bar is designed to secure a motorcycle that is pointed in the direction of travel only.

With B&W’s Biker Bar, it’s never been easier to secure your motorcycle for travel. Just bolt the latching plate to the floor of your trailer, and clamp the included bar to your bike’s frame. Once both components are appropriately mounted, simply drive your motorcycle onto your trailer, over the latching base plate, and the bar will automatically latch into the base. No straps or wheel chocks are needed.


Not only does this motorcycle tie-down system make it fast and easy to connect your bike to your trailer, but it also makes it safer and more secure. Because there are no tie-down straps, there are no buckles or hooks to rub against your bike, potentially scratching your paint or trim. And because the bar attaches to your motorcycle’s frame, this system provides more stability than tie-downs alone. In fact, the Biker Bar system is designed not only to secure your bike, but also to create a natural ride for it during trailering. Once hooked up to the latching plate in your trailer, your motorcycle’s suspension is effectively linked with the suspension system of the trailer, eliminating undo stress on your bike.



Installation of the Biker Bar is simple. The bar itself clamps to your bike’s tubed frame, just behind the transmission. Be sure to clear any potential obstacles, such as hydraulic lines or wiring harnesses, that could get caught between the clamps and the frame. The clamps on the bar are lined with neoprene to prevent scratches to your bike’s frame.


Once you have the bar securely clamped to the frame of your bike, ride the bike onto the trailer to determine the location where you want the bike to attach. Mark that spot on the floor of your trailer so that you can bolt down the latching plate. You will have to drill into your trailer’s floor to attach the plate.


The final setup step is to adjust the height of the latching base. Once the base is bolted to the trailer’s floor, ride the bike over it until the bar is directly in front of the base. Measure the distance from the middle of the bar to the trailer’s floor. Your bike’s suspension must be slightly compressed while latched down to appropriately stabilize the bike during transport. So you must remain sitting on the motorcycle while taking this measurement. Once you have this measurement, remove the bar from the bike and place it in the latching base. Adjust the height of the base until the bar is the same distance from the floor as it was when on the motorcycle. The base adjusts in 1/4″ increments, so the height may not be exact. As long as the bar is within 1/4″ of your initial measurement, setup is complete.

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