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    How much does the RickRak weigh?

    The RickRak only weighs approximately 21 oz.

    Will the RickRak scratch my luggage rack?

    No. The notched end is fully protected with a horseshoe shaped rubber grommet. The clamps have a double rubber protective surface. They feature both a rubber pad on the jaws of the clamp and then both jaws are encapsulated in a rubber outer protective wrap.

    Does the RickRak only work with your RickRak bags?

    NO. The RickRak can be used with many many tour bags, we cannot list them all, since we have not had the opportunity to obtain all the different bags that are currently available or in use. We feature T-Bags due to their superior construction and lifetime warranty. The most popular T-bag is the Dekker II because of its ample size, and all it features, such as expandable top, built in carrying handle and excellent rain cover. The Concord by T-bags offers many of the same features as the Dekker II, with a little more compact design. Harley Davidson’s premium luggage bag is also a great bag to use with the RickRak.

    What luggage racks does the RickRak fit?

    Currently the RickRak is adaptable to the original luggage rack by Harley, and the newer Air Wing luggage rack. The same RickRak is used for either rack. This is accomplished by bolting the clamps into different holes that are 1/4” apart. Asking which rack you use allows us to pre-install the clamps in the correct position for your rack. If you ever change your rack style from one to the other, your RickRak can be changed to properly fit your new rack choice.

    Is it lockable?

    Yes!! By ordering our optional RickRak lock, now for the first time ever, you tour bag can be easily locked to your ride, so no one can rip your tour bag off.

    Is there a warranty?

    Yes, all RickRaks are covered by a full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.