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New 2021 RickRak Complex – Concord, NC

Inventors and designers, Rick and Shane Riffel.
Father and son. Rick has been riding since 1966, Harleys since the 80’s.

 After a stroke, Rick found it difficult to manipulate the straps and bungees required to hold a luggage bag onto the tour pak luggage rack. He told his son Shane to buy him “one of those quick snap on type tour bags.” But they soon found that there was no such thing. This led the two of them on a quest to design and make one for Rick’s use.

Thus was the birth of  RickRak.
After a lot of designing, redesigning, many prototypes, and over 25,000 test miles, a workable, quick attach soution was developed. Strong, Durable, Secure and no nuisance straps or bungee cords, the RickRak not only helped Rick with the tour bag attachment, but Rick and Shane found it solves even more problems. Broken straps, Lost straps, or loose straps that become paint slappers are now a thing of the past. Included with the RickRak is a lockable system which deters theft of your tour bag.

 With both Rick and Shane living in North Carolina, the RickRak is made right here in the USA in Mooresville, NC